How To Cure Dandruff Permanently

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Dandruff is the most stubborn problem among all over the world.

This illness doesn’t come with age. The itchy scalp and the flaky hair always seem to be irritating. Dandruff are the dead skin cells that remain and stay in the hair. Dandruff is one of the dermatological conditions of hair that can be avoided by many treatments and regular care.

Dandruff can be caused due to many factors. A change in the activity of the body or the climatic condition, chemicals used in a shampoo or any other product applied to hair can also lead to dandruff which can get worse over time. Having dandruff can also cause hair fall and the baldness. One of the important factors of having dandruff is an unhealthy diet. Having proper food and sleep is the ultimate goal to stay healthy and fit. Stress, unhygienic routine and using varieties of the product can all lead to dandruff.

Many teenagers suffer from dandruff as they lack proper care and irregular lifestyle. Here are a few causing reasons and the corresponding solutions on how to cure dandruff permanently.

  1. Excessive product: Usage of different product every time also leads to having dandruff due to the chemicals present in the product does not support the hair to be balanced and healthy.

    Solution: You can use herbal shampoo or a dermatologist prescribed products that will create pH+ balance in the scalp and will help in maintaining hair volume too.

  1. Improper Diet: People of old age never faced such issues, you know why? Because of proper diet and healthy lifestyle. Nowadays people are more inclined towards fast food and unhealthy eating habits are the major issues of flaking and dandruff.

    Solution: Cut down the sugar and spice intake and welcome fruits and vegetables to your daily routine to keep yourself fit. Have a habit of eating raw or half-cooked food that is rich in proteins and minerals and most importantly that contains omega 3 fatty acids.

  2. Ineffective Brushing & Shampooing- Not regularly brushing the hair and not washing your hair enough also affects the scalp and cause dandruff and hair fall.

    Solution: Invest in a good quality comb and have a habit of brushing the hair twice and washing your hair with medicated or a herbal shampoo every alternate day would help in getting rid of the dead, and itchy scalp. This would mainly help in regulating the blood circulation and maintaining hydrated scalp.

Additionally, dandruff has some internal and external causes. The internal causes include stress, nourishment factor, genetic tendency, an imbalance in hormonal circumstance, and some other medical issues. Individuals who have a habit of taking excessive sugar or fat are more prone to dandruff. While the external causes are including climate condition, the absence of cleanliness, or improper rinsing of the hair and scalp.

Individuals who endure this issue are said to have dandruff sicknesses that are frequently followed with irritation. This sickness could change into the more serious issue: eczema. In this way, people with dandruff issue ought to be extremely cautious treating their scalp.

Now that you are aware of what causes dandruff and how to cure dandruff permanently, it’s up to you to check which treatment suits you well. You can even consult with one of the best dermatologist, Aesthetica Clinic for better treatment. They are providing the best services in hair & skin care, with many customized services, and regular check-ups. The dermatologists are always there to support and prescribe you in a better way. Hence, take care of your scalp and hair and take proper treatment as soon as possible.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!